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Mentorship Program Details
  • Each cohort will run for 8 consecutive weeks
  • The general time expectation is ~2 hours/month, (usually 30min sessions) but ultimately the meeting cadence can be decided upon between the mentor and their mentee match
  • Prior to the program start, we provide a 1-hour Mentorship kick-off Workshop that covers the value of mentorship, best practices for mentors and mentees, and a framework to set folks up for success during the program
  • You may or may not be matched right away, we will have two cohorts starting every month but you will be notified if you are matched


Mentoring, on your time

Dreami is designed with your busy schedule in mind. Here’s what to expect:


Take a fun and easy 2 minute quiz.


Get the resources you need to mentor effectively.


Meet with your mentee, all on your time when you both need to. No strict cadence or time requirements.

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